1 Samuel 17:37 David added, “The LORD, who delivered me from the claws of the lion and the bear, will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine.” “Go,” said Saul, “and may the LORD be with you.”

People often say, “believe in yourself.” That sounds nice, but if we’re honest, that’s short sided. We know our limits and we know what we can and can’t do. We can only believe in ourselves to the point of our limits. However, when we rely on God, we become limitless.

If the task in front of us is great, when we rely on God, He’ll show us what to do. He’ll give us step by step instructions to accomplish the task. When everyone else is racking their (limited) brains trying to figure it out, we’re tapping into the supernatural to get answers with ease. David knew that, which is why he was fearless in taking on something that everyone else was afraid of (the giant).

The more appropriate thing to say is, “believe the God in yourself.” We, on our own, can only do so much. But with God, we’re unstoppable.