Psalm 118:24 This is the day that the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Some of us allow our circumstances to define our day. If everything goes our way, we’d say we had a good day, but if we faced adversity we’d say our day was difficult.

The presence of adversity shouldn’t determine our viewpoint. Jesus already told us we would face trials, but in that same verse, He also told us to be cheerful (John 16:33).

Every day should be a good day for multiple reasons. If we look closely at our day, we’ll determine no matter how many obstacles we faced, there are more things that went right than wrong. We could have had only 4 hours of sleep, spilled coffee on our clothes, were late to work, dealt with a moody supervisor, got rear ended on the way home, and realized we forgot to defrost the chicken when we got home and still say we had a good day.

How???…. It’s a blessing to say we woke up and we have enough money for a luxury item like coffee. We’re employed, we have a car, and we weren’t seriously injured in that crash. It’s awesome to say we have a home and food in the refrigerator. We haven’t even mentioned other things like we can walk, talk, and breathe. Let’s not forget about spiritual things like God’s new mercies every morning, God’s promises, and God always being with us.

As we can see, God’s goodness outweighs the difficult every day. Don’t magnify the problem, identify the good and have a good day.