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James 4:7 Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

What’s stopping you from submitting your entire life to God? Do you feel like you won’t have enough fun? Is it too strict? You don’t want to let God or yourself down if you fail? Are you ashamed? Would you feel like a hypocrite? Or, you simply don’t feel like it?

Whatever the reason is, you didn’t get that from God. Those types of thoughts are demonically influenced. Satan will use any tactic that seems logical or emotional to keep us on the outside of submission. He knows the day we go all in for God, our lives will improve, the Kingdom of God will get stronger, and we’ll have more influence to lead others to Christ.

Don’t stay on the outside. Come on in. God’s not asking us to be perfect. He simply wants a willing participant to work through. If you fall off, get back up again. If it seems too difficult, extend grace to yourself and don’t live by the law. If you get distracted, refocus and get back in the game.

Submit your life to God and watch God do amazing things with you and for you.

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