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We all have desires we want from God or an assignment from God. Both require faith. Faith is moving beyond our natural senses and trusting in the written or audible word of God. The key word is “moving.” Unfortunately, some of us have been sitting on our faith. Another way of putting it is, we’ve procrastinated in using our faith.

For instance, we know we heard God telling us to apply for that supervisor position. We haven’t applied yet because it requires undoubting faith to believe for a position we’re not qualified for. Instead of applying and trusting in God, we’re sitting on our faith because we don’t want to experience the possibility of rejection. 

We heard God telling us to open a business, but we haven’t because we don’t have all our affairs in order. We sit on our faith instead of obeying God because we don’t want our business to fail.

God may have told some of us to go look at the car we desire. However, we’ve sat on our faith because we don’t want to look foolish in the dealership, knowing we don’t have the money or the credit to get the car.

During the time we’re tempted to sit on our faith is the time we must realize God’s favor is on our lives. God wouldn’t tell us to do something if it’s not going to be beneficial. We may run into challenges along the way, but ultimately it will succeed. Don’t sit on your faith. Listen to the voice of God and apply your faith where it’s needed.

Psalm 119:60 I hurried without hesitating to keep Your commandments.

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