2 John 1:3 Grace, mercy, and peace, which come from God the Father and from Jesus Christ—the Son of the Father—will continue to be with us who live in truth and love.

Here we have a promise from God. When we live in truth and love, we can expect grace, mercy, and peace in our lives.

Grace is obtaining something from God we didn’t earn or deserve. Mercy is God stopping certain negative events from occurring even though we deserve it. Peace is a cool, calm, collected state of mind despite the circumstances surrounding us.

Living in the truth means living by God’s word because John 17:17 says, “thy word is truth.” Living in love means we’re loving people the way God would love them because God is love (1 John 4:8).

So, if your life is not aligning with this promise and you’re living in truth and love, remind God of His promise and expect things to change for the better.