If you’re saying “forgive me Lord” frequently and often throughout the day, you’re sin conscious. If you’re feeling guilty or unworthy of God’s blessings because of what you’ve done, you’re sin conscious. If you’re using the old excuse of needing to get yourself together before coming back to church or establishing a relationship with God, you’re sin conscious.

Sin consciousness is when we put our sins and all we’ve done wrong above the sacrifice for sins that was completed and made available to us by Christ.

Hebrews 9:26 Otherwise, Christ would have had to suffer repeatedly since the foundation of the world. But now He has appeared once for all at the end of the ages to do away with sin by the sacrifice of Himself.

We have a choice. We can choose to rehearse all the sins we’ve committed (great and small) that day or receive God’s forgiveness that was made available through the sacrifice of Jesus.

When we miss the mark, instantly receive the forgiveness that was made available to us and move on. God has forgiven and forgotten our sins, so why should we hold on to them? Sin consciousness negatively impacts our relationship with God, our effectiveness in the Kingdom, and the promises God has for us.

Receive God’s forgiveness through Jesus Christ, ask for help to not miss the mark from the Holy Spirit, and continue to live as if you’ve never done anything wrong.