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Luke 18:19 “Why do you call me good?” Jesus asked him. “Only God is truly good.

God is always good. This is a reason to rejoice and celebrate Him. The reason we don’t celebrate His goodness as much as we should is, we minimize or fail to identify His goodness.

The fact that we’re alive is a sign of God’s goodness. Unless a traumatic event happens, most people are not shouting for joy because they’re alive. We look beyond that goodness and are demonically influenced to focus on what we don’t have. Satan will try to have us focus on not having the amount of money we want, not having a spouse, or other seemingly negative things. Satan’s goal is to steal God’s praise.

Let’s bring it back to the basics and think about the goodness of God and give Him praise. God’s goodness includes: being alive, healthy, walking, talking, food, shelter, clothes, clean water, employment, excess money, transportation, valuables, going to point A to point B without getting killed in a robbery or a car crash, experiencing God’s love through family and friends.

Some of us may not have everything seen above, but we can give Him praise for what we do have. God is good and don’t let the devil tell you otherwise.

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