Nehemiah 9:21 For forty years you sustained them in the wilderness; they lacked nothing, their clothes did not wear out nor did their feet become swollen.

These were the children of Israel who had to wander in the wilderness for forty years because of their disobedience, unfaithfulness, and sin. Their behavior should have immediately cost them their lives and yet, God in His abundance of grace and mercy sustained them.

We are under a better covenant. We have the sacrifice of Jesus. We have God living inside of us but, some of us are so concerned with how we’re going to make it. If God chose to sustain and meet the needs of a disobedient bunch of people for years, why would we think He would pass us over?

God is loving and kind and is willing to bless anyone who believes that He’s able. Let’s not try to make it on our own. Let’s look to and rely on God to meet every one of our needs.