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1 John 5:10 (NLT) All who believe in the Son of God know in their hearts that this testimony is true. Those who don’t believe this are actually calling God a liar because they don’t believe what God has testified about his Son.

How many of us would walk up to God and tell Him He’s a liar? Not many of us if any at all. We would have to be stupid or crazy to call God a liar but, millions of people do.

Simply put, when we don’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God, we’re saying God is a liar. 2 Timothy 3:16 says, all scripture is inspired by God therefore, if we don’t believe the scriptures that tell us Jesus is the Son God (1 John 4:15), we’re saying God is a liar.

In fact, if we don’t believe certain promises will come to pass in our lives, we’re saying God is a liar. When we don’t believe God’s Word we tell God, “I don’t believe or trust You, You liar.” It’s harsh but, it’s true.

Do yourself a favor, don’t call God a liar. Believe His Word, believe in His Son Jesus, and believe in His promises.

*Pass this message on to those who don’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God.

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