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Romans 12:10 Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Outdo yourselves in honoring one another.

In marriage, there’s a temptation to keep tabs on what we do for our spouse compared to what they’ve done for us. If we washed the dishes, folded their clothes, and mopped, we expect a “thank you” and for them to do three or more things for us. We keep tabs because of a fear of appearing foolish. Let’s change our mentality.

If both individuals go into the marriage and keep a mindset of lovingly outdoing one another, we’ll always be satisfied with our spouse’s performance.

Maturity is developed when we don’t immediately see the return from our spouse. That’s when it’s most important to continue doing for our spouse. We may not know what’s going through their minds and we don’t want to allow strife in our house based on a couple of days of lackluster performance. If we continue to honor our spouse, in spite of what they do for us, God will make sure, in some way, we’re rewarded for our efforts (Eph. 6:8; Luke 6:38).

Start today. Lovingly outdo one another and experience a whole new joy in marriage.

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