Acts 8:29 The Spirit said to Philip, “Go over to that chariot and stay by it.”

When we pray, it’s important to allow God to talk back to us. As we’re listening to God, it’s even more important to not make assumptions about what God is saying.

For instance, God may say “business.” Just because God said “business” doesn’t mean we should quit our jobs and start a business. Let God provide the full set of instructions. He may say “business” for a week during our time in prayer. Just meditate on that for now. The following week, He may tell us to invest in a particular business. We could have made our lives problematic if we would have assumed God meant for us to start a business.

Just know, God is not going to lead us astray. He’ll provide clarity in what He wants us to do. Ask Him 3 times if necessary. Don’t be anxious and assume. Be sure, and know what the Lord is telling you.

Inspired by Creflo Dollar