Psalms 107:13 NLT “Lord, help!” they cried in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress.

The Lord does not show partiality (Rom. 2:11). What He does for one person, He’ll do for another. On three separate occasions in this chapter of Psalms, they cried for help and He saved them from their distress (v. 13, 19, 28). God made it a point to put this in the same chapter three separate times. He wants to clearly show us if He saved them from their distresses, He can save us too.

A simple “Lord help” is all we need. Once we ask for help, we should expect situations to be turned around or to receive strategies that will deliver us from our current state. If we listen and obey His instructions as they come, we’ll receive relief from our distress.

God doesn’t want anyone to live a life constantly going through trouble. Sure, we’ll experience trouble on occasion, but it was never meant to dominate our lives. Jesus sacrificed His life so that we can have an enjoyable, abundant life (John 10:10). If life is not lining up with God’s plan, call for help and He’ll deliver you from all distress.