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1 Timothy 1:5 (ERV) My purpose in telling you to do this is to promote love—the kind of love shown by those whose thoughts are pure, who do what they know is right, and whose faith in God is real.

As we continue to mature in the knowledge of God, we gain wisdom. With this wisdom, we may find ourselves in a position where we can provide instructions to help someone else. It’s important to remember to instruct in love.

We may see someone headed down the wrong path or see someone making a foolish decision. It’s during those times we should instruct out of love. We don’t instruct to show how knowledgeable we are, and we don’t instruct to make someone feel guilty. We instruct because we genuinely want to see them do better and live their best lives.

Some people like to be instructed with a straight to the point approach while others need a gentle approach. Allow the Holy Spirit to provide the words for the best outcome with each person.
Instruct in love to provide knowledge, wisdom, and help that will be well received.

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