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Psalm 130:3 If you kept record of our sins, no one could last long. 4 But you forgive us, and so we will worship you.

If God kept track of all the things we’ve done wrong, no one would be able to stand. We all would look filthy in God’s sight. That’s why He not only desires to forgive us, but He’s not keeping a record of our sins.

Those of us who’ve been saved for a while need to keep God’s forgiveness in mind. It’s not because of the goodness we’ve done, but it’s because of His grace and mercy that allows Him to forgive us and not record our wrongdoings. Understanding God’s mindset of forgiveness with no record will help us treat ourselves and others better.

We won’t be so hard on ourselves when we miss the mark. We won’t allow the devil to make us feel guilty by replaying our past. We won’t hold grudges against others. And we won’t bring up the faults of our spouses, children, or parents.

God has forgiven us and He’s not holding anything against us. If God has moved on, we should too.

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